Get Started - Tab Pack

Automatic Group tabs,group manager, save and restore groups and cloud sync.

Why you should consider this:

  • Your rules - your groups.
  • Auto-group tabs by your rules.
  • Rule recommendations.
  • Archive rule.
  • don’t disturb existing setup.
  • Advanced and handy group manager.
  • fuzzy search,sort tabgroups.
  • Save and restore groups.
  • Dark mode
  • Cross-devices sync.
  • Pure & clean code that powers fastest performance.
  • No third-party library used.
  • No tracking.

== Features ==

  • Automatic group your tabs by your rule: Manual tab grouping is time-consuming and frustrating. Every-time you need to repeat same work. Why not set your custom rule for tab grouping and browser auto-group your tabs.

  • Create rule without typing: After understanding, you need rules to auto group your tabs. Then you think- How do i create rules? We understand your pain and create rule recommendations. We recommend rules based on your selected tabs. Hooray!! you set rules without typing a single word. you can also submit your complex rule request in our google groups and we or someone answers with solutions.

  • Activate and deactivate rules according to your needs: We surf web for multi-purpose tasks. when you work on project A and project B’s rule matched, then you lose your temper. Thats why We create an archive rule system. you can disable rule if you need it for some days and reactivate it when you need in one click.

  • Save and restore groups: Your rule only works when tabs are created or updated. but what will you do if you lose group and its tabs. no tab means no rule apply on it. Our group recover help your to restore groups and its tabs

  • Handy group manager that you want: you can manage groups from tab bar if you have less than 15 tabs. For more than 15 tabs, you need visual group manager that will solve your pain. Our Group manager help you in this way:

    1. Fuzzy search : quick search tab by its url or title.
    2. Toggle group : expand/collapse group.
    3. Group move : move group to a new window.
    4. New tab : add a new blank in that group.
    5. Restore group : one click to restore closed groups.
  • Arrange tab groups in one click: Manual tab groups arrangement is a very frustrating job. when you move one tab from one position,it detached from existing groups. You never find a solution to fix it. But now solution has come.

    You can arrange tabs in multiple way:

    1. Most used : All tab groups are arranged according to its used history.
    2. New to old:All tab groups are arranged according to its creation date history.
    3. Group-title :All tabs are arranged in tab groups’s alphabetical order.
    4. Reverse : All tabs are arranged in reverse order.
  • Cross-devices sync and cloud backups: Today, everyone has multiple devices and they want to access one device data on multiple devices. We don’t lock you with one device. You can create rules and groups in one device and access it on any device without any complex settings.