Brief Overview of closed groups section

In this article, I will explain about
functionality of each button in closed groups section.


Quick search your closed tab groups.
Type in search box and find tabs.

Group Box

All recently closed groups and saved groups are display here.

Group Header

  1. Title: title of closed groups.
  2. Open-window Icon: Restore group into new window.
  3. Remove Icon: Remove group from storage.
  4. Plus Icon: Add existing active tab in this group.
  5. Delete Icon: Remove group and its tabs .
  6. Arrow Icon: Expand / collapse current group.


Tab Item

  1. Checkbox: Select tabs to save in storage.
  2. Title: last page title of current tab.
  3. Url: last url link of current tab.

tab item

Hover Action

When you hover over tab, star icon will popup on right side of tab.

  1. Yellow Star icon: It mean tab saved in storage. no action required.

  2. Star plus icon : It mean tab saved in temprary storage.
    click on this icon to save permanently.


Save active tabs in existing group.

Click Plus Icon on right side of group header.
Tab list will popup. Select multiple tabs and click on ADD button.
Selected saved permanently and you can access them on multiple devices.