Brief Overview of open groups section

In this article, I will explain about
functionality of each button in open tabs section.


Quick search your opened tabs.
Type in search box and find tabs.

Sort groups
Move and arrange all your tabs according to your need.
You can sort by:

  1. Most used : All tab groups arrange according to its used history.
  2. New to old:All tab groups arrange according to its creation date history.
  3. Group-title :All tabs arrange in tab groups’s alphabetical order.
  4. Reverse : All tabs arrange in reverse order.

tab group sort order

Marked tool options (appear when any tab marked)

  1. Group Icon: create new tab groups and add new rule.
  2. Suspend Icon: suspend selected tabs.
  3. Close Icon : Close selected tabs.


Group Box

Active groups are shown here.

Group Header

  1. Title: title of current groups. click on it to update its title and color.
  2. Open-window Icon: Move group into new window.
  3. Save Icon: Save groups to access on multiple devices.
  4. Plus Icon: Add new blank tab in this group.
  5. Delete Icon: Remove group and its tabs .
  6. Arrow Icon: Expand / collapse current group.

tabgroup item

Tab Item

Checkbox: Select tab to create rule or group.
Title: last page title of current tab.
Url: last url link of current tab.

tab item

Drag and drag ui

Drag and drop tabs between groups to update tabgroups

tab item