How to create new rule

Step 1: Open popup window

Click on tab history icon on right side of browser or
press Ctrl+Shift+P to open popup menu.

Step 2: Select tab

Mark tab from which you want to make a rule.
You will create a rule based on these tabs’ url and title.


Step 3: Open rule form

Click on the group icon of toolbar to open group rule form.


Step 4: Choose group

Choose group from select box.
If you want to create new group, select New Group.
Fill title and color of new group.


Step 5: Expand Rule type:

There are 3 type of rules that will apply:

  1. With domains (work only with same domain)
  2. Without domains (work with all domains)
  3. Match page title

Expand any of these 3 sections by clicking on arrow icon.

Step 6: Add Rule

After expanding, rule list will appear.
Add rule by click on Plus Icon.


For custom rule, see custom-rule

Last Step: Submit form

Click on submit Button to apply created rules and groups.